Features the outside appearance and structure components to complete your project.  Fit and finish is similar to that of an original vintage Graflex 3-Cell Flash.  All parts are easy to disassemble and re-assemble with The Graflex Shop or aftermarket parts and accessories.  Use this Graflex Replica for your own light and sound project, or replace parts on an original vintage flash or replica.  This item is born and built by The Graflex Shop.  It is not a resell of an existing replica.  For all general intents and purposes, dimensions of this replica is close to an original Graflex flash, within reasonable tolerances*.  Every piece of this replica is user serviceable where all parts can be easily removed and re-attached with simple tools.

Please note that just like a vintage, this replica also includes minor imperfections.  This is due to the nature of the design, the nature of how the product is manufactured, and the possibility of having a minor manufacturing or finish defect.  Our replica imperfections are very similar to what can be found on an original vintage Graflex flash.  Small blemishes and imperfections are part of the authenticity of how this Graflex Flash Replica is made.

Includes the following

The default product is hollow with no internals included, unless optionally chosen.

NEW TGS Gen2 Updates:

  • Vintage accurate clamp bar folds and lever rivet placement
  • Vintage accurate pressed clamp lines and letter stamping
  • Vintage accurate pressed bottom tube stamping (size, font and depth)
  • Vintage accurate finish, including the inside plating of the top area
  • NEW JULY 2019 - Updated Button Profile to better match a vintage
  • NEW JULY 2019 - Updated Internal Plastic to better match a vintage
  • NEW JULY 2019 - Updated Folmer Replica Eye to function better, with better vintage-like knurling (Folmer version only)



Please allow 1-3 business days for assembly and packaging.

*Vintage Graflex Flashes vary in their dimensions from part to part, and our replica will also vary from part to part.  The Graflex Shop is committed to building our replica within reasonable tolerances of an original.  Exceptions include the default product not including the internal electrical assembly, replacing rivets with screws, a redesign of the slide switch and operation, and also other remaining items that may no longer be possible to manufacture.  Small imperfections may be present.

Our TGS Graflex Replica includes purposeful tells to distinguish it from a true vintage:
- There are no internals included with the default replica product (vintage includes an internal electrical assembly, pilot bulb and battery spring)
- Top half has one of the 'bunny ear' tabs threaded (vintage is not threaded, vintage 'bunny ears' are riveted to the top half)
- Top half has the 'beer tab' hole threaded (vintage is not threaded, vintage 'beer tab' is riveted)
- Slide switch design and assembly is unique to our replica using a pin and e-clip (vintage is riveted)
- Red Button and Glass Eye arrive with a shiny chrome finish (vintage has a slightly dull finish)
- Brass pins arrive in raw form (vintages today contain oxidized brass pins with patina)
- Clamp does not have GRAFLEX letters filled in with black paint (some vintages still have this feature)

Product may slightly differ to the pictures as we continue to improve and push our replica more accurate every day!

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Graflex Replica Flash (Gen2)

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