Replica Graflex Bulb Clamp Assembly.  The complete assembly includes 2 ears (1 set of "bunny ears"), bulb spring, bulb spring screw (in-place of a rivet), sleeve and rivet-style screw.  The Graflex Shop is proud to offer this assembly as a separate part for those that wish to replace their 'bunny ears'.  This set will fit a vintage Graflex, and also all known replica variants including the new R.E. replicas and the 2.0 replicas.

Parts are chrome plated, just like a vintage.  Part dimensions are close to vintage, whereby the differences are: the spacer sleeve is threaded to accept a new rivet-style screw.   Also the bulb spring is screwed onto one of the clamps, as opposed to a rivet.  For those that have concerns with a screw holding up, we recommend applying blue or red thread locker.  Note that red thread locker has a more permanent hold.

A 'Bumpless' version is available for a limited time.  This version does not include the inner bulb bumps for use with 1 inch blades.


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Graflex Bunny Ears

  • $35.00

  • 10 or more $34.00

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