• Graflex Replica Top Half (Empty)

Graflex Replica Flash TOP HALF (Empty / Hollow)

This product is the top half of our Graflex Replica.  The top half comes empty without bunny ears, button, eye, pins, internals or blade socket.  Use this hollow piece to complete your EP9 replica, or your own custom project!  Will fit all vintage parts and replicas made to vintage specs.

Features the outside appearance and structure components of the top half of a Graflex to complete your project.  Fit and finish is similar to that of an original Graflex 3-Cell Flash top half.  All parts are easy to disassemble and re-assemble with The Graflex Shop or aftermarket parts and accessories.  Use this Graflex Replica part for your own light and sound project, or replace the same part on an original flash or replica.  This item is born and built by The Graflex Shop.  It is not a resell of an existing replica.  Every piece of this replica is user serviceable where all attaching parts can be easily removed and re-attached with simple tools.

These parts are part-to-part mostly blemish free and includes a 'brighter' folmer style finish.  Even though we do our best to pick the best part from the shelf, it is possible that a small blemish may be present.  Parts that have noticeable blemishes are set aside and are listed as blemished (a separate listing from this one).  If you aren't satisfied with the finish, we can exchange it at your expense for return shipping.  

Includes the following:

Note that an internal plastic electrical assembly is not included.  (This product is completely hollow without accessories.)  


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Graflex Replica Top Half (Empty)

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