Graflex Saber Kit (Battle Worn / Blemished

About the blemishes:  This product contains one or more blemishes.  A blemish could include any or all of the following:  dents, scratches, plating discoloration and/or other imperfections.  Blemished products are functional where the blemish applies to appearance only.  Blemishes may differ from those of the provided product images.  This product is perfect for a weathering or battle-damaged project.  Some blemishes may even be repairable.  There are absolutely no refunds on blemished products.

TGS is offering a limited supply of our highly anticipated Graflex saber hilt kits.  Built to vintage dimensions, this kit is a cost effective alternative to building your own illuminated saber.  Fit and finish is similar to an original Graflex 3-Cell flash though with blemishes.  Comes partially assembled as a DIY kit and designed to accept a wide variety of electronics, with ample space for a chassis.

Kit includes a Graflex Replica  with associated parts to give it the full appearance of an original Graflex 3 Cell.  Budget-friendly priced to leave room for your own cardgrips and d-ring.  INCLUDES Deluxe Blade Adapter and Eye Thumbscrew to start your saber journey!

Inside the Box:

  • Battle Worn Graflex 3-Cell Replica with

                Graflex Hilt (top, clamp, bottom) - Blank or Stamped (random)
                Bunny Ears - Vintage Style
                Slide Switch Assembly - Dull 'Vintage' version
                Beer Tab + Rivet + Washer - Dull 'Vintage' version
                Red Button Switch - Random Gen1 or blemished Gen2

                Replica Eye Thumbscrew - Dark Acrylic Standard
                Brass Contacts -Short
                Pins - Short

                Deluxe Blade Adapter - All Aluminum Pieces

Normally optional items are randomly selected based on availability.  Clamp and Bottom tube stamping will be random based on product availability.  The Graflex hilt included is very similar to a vintage in dimensions and finish.  It is based on our much improved Gen1 replica, though some kits will be a mix of Gen1 and Gen2 components,.  Note that the functional button included in the kit does not include a conductive contact (it looks exactly the same on the outside).  Button Thumbscrew not included.   Imperfections will be present as this is a blemished item.  For those looking for the most accurate Graflex Replica Flash, we suggest our Gen2 product (here).

IN STOCK    Once your shipping label is printed, please allow between 5-7 business days to package your order for shipping.

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Graflex Replica (Saber Kit BLEM)

  • $150.00

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