Modeled directly from an original Graflex Red Button, this product is a functioning Replica Red Button (the thumbscrew version can be found here).  Fit and function is exactly like an original Red Button.  It can be customized to contain your own switch internals since it is easy to disassemble.

Manufactured from precision machined material and chrome plated to create the highest quality and most accurate part. Includes a top quality, correctly matching color red button. Red button is an exact color match to an original Graflex red button!

The Graflex Shop has heavily invested into producing the best quality finish and color for this part. The premium injection molded button comes out of an effort of iterative design, engineering and investment.

This is the best quality and most accurate red button plastic and switch bezel on the market!

Available Options:
Original Threading 
- This option includes a bezel that has the exact same threading and fit of an original Graflex Button Bezel.

2.0 / Romans Threading - This option includes a bezel that has an alternative tighter threading that fits the 2.0 and Romans replicas out there.  (Available In-Stock)

Gen1 - Bright Profile - Original TGS design with flatter knurling w/ bright finish

Gen2 - Bright Profile - TGS design with more-accurate knurling w/ bright finish (revision July 2019)

Gen2 - Satin Profile - Gen2 design w/ vintage style satin finish (revision May 2021)

Recommended:  Red Button Thumbscrew and Eye Thumbscrew, or Replica Glass Eye

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Graflex Red Button

  • $35.00

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