This is the most accurate Glass Eye Thumbscrew to date!  This product is a thumbscrew--a 1:1 replica can be found here.  Modeled directly from an original Graflex Glass Eye, this thumbscrew helps keep your blade in the hilt as a blade retention screw.  This unique part has a #10-32 threaded rod that fits our Deluxe Graflex Blade Socket product and other adapters on the market today.  

The threaded rod is long enough to accommodate a 3/4" blade, but can be trimmed for 7/8" and 1" blades.  When installed, the thumbscrew looks just like the original Graflex Eye Lens and holds the blade in place.  Manufactured from precision machined material and chrome plated to create the highest quality and most accurate part.

The dark lens option gives it an original Graflex Eye look.  Our glass lens has a similar profile and look of an original Graflex Eye and Lens.  The dark acrylic lens is a bit taller.  Product may vary slightly from what is pictured.

The Very Best Quality Thumbscrew, GUARANTEED!


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Graflex Glass Eye Replica Thumbscrew

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