Graflex Replica Flash (Battle Worn / Slightly Blemished)

This product is our Gen2 Graflex Replica that contains one or more light blemishes.  A blemish could include any or all of the following:  small scratches, plating discoloration, ding or pit, and/or other imperfections.  These are perfect for any weathering or battle-damaged projects.  Some blemishes are repairable. 

Features the outside appearance and structure components to complete your project.  Fit and finish is similar to that of an original Graflex 3-Cell Flash.  This item is born and built by The Graflex Shop.  It is not a resell of an existing replica.  Every piece of this replica is user serviceable where all parts can be easily removed and re-attached with simple tools.  This is the replica to own!

Most of these look pretty well, with only a slight blemish that may be covered up anyway.  This is your chance to own a TGS Gen2 at an incredible price!

Includes the following:

  • Replica Top Half Assembly: top half tube, bunny ear assembly, functional slide switch assembly, slotted front mounting screw
  • Replica Functional Red Button
  • Replica Pins (4) - (randomly selected Regular stepped or Folmer smooth pins)
  • Replica Brass Tab Contacts (2) - (long style)
  • Replica Glass Eye (randomly selected Standard or Folmer stainless)
  • Replica Clamp Assembly and 3-Cell Bottom Half (choose Stamped or Blank)
  • Choose to leave it as an assembled Working Replica Flash, or include an install Deluxe Blade Adapter, or leave it Hollow
  • Assembled and bulk packaged for safe shipping to your door

The product comes partially assembled.  If a Blade Adapter is chosen, the short pins, short contacts and an Eye or Button thumbscrew is selected.  Stamping is randomly chosen.  There are absolutely no refunds on blemished products.


Ships within 1-3 business days.

Imperfections will be present as this is a blemished item.

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Graflex Replica (Gen2) - Battle Worn

  • $150.00

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