• Graflex Beer Tab Rivet Screw + Washer

Replica Graflex Beer Tab Rivet Screw + Spacer Washer.  The Graflex Shop is proud to offer our variation of the Graflex Beer Tab Rivet.  Instead of a rivet, it is a screw that threads easily into our Graflex Replica, and can be made to thread into a vintage (with the proper screw tap).  This set includes both the rivet screw and the spacer washer.  Each part is custom machined to match vintage dimensions and outside appearance.  Includes vintage correct bevel and machining marks.

Rivet Screw may not fit some replicas.  To fit it for a vintage, knock off the threads and use as a rivet, or thread the vintage tube to accept the screw.


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Graflex Beer Tab Rivet Screw + Washer

  • $30.00