New Improved 'Lip' Design!  The Graflex Deluxe Blade Socket Adapter has some incredible new features!  We have made the absolute best Graflex Socket to date.  The Graflex Shop has provided a Graflex blade socket adapter since 2003, where its design has been further refined based on community feedback and design ingenuity.

This 4th Generation socket design is the latest design as of March 2018.  This deluxe design integrates some of the same features of the previous generation, while also adding some new features.  The adapter consists of 2 pieces: a top 'lip' and the main body.  The main body piece can be inserted through the bottom of the top of a Graflex with ease (after trimming the slide switch internal piece).  Then the top portion can be bolted on.  The adapter is bored out at 1 inch all the way through, allowing both a 1 inch blade and a TCSS can to be mounted inside.  Overall length of the socket and heatsink have been reduced, allowing additional space for other components.  It continues to feature the same aesthetic characteristics of an original Graflex flashgun socket and the same durability characteristics of our previous products.  You won't be disappointed!

Top Lip Profile + Side Port Separation Lines (better vintage appearance)
Tighter Fit (fits vintages and most of the popular vintage-style replicas)
Small 2.3 Inch Low Profile Design
Slide Switch Wire Feed
Better Premium Machining and Finish Quality
Use with our
Short Brass Contacts and Short Pins (Regular or Folmer) for the Ideal Vintage Look!

The Deluxe Graflex Socket includes Top Lip piece, the Main Body and a mounting screw set.  Both pieces are anodized black to resemble an original Graflex internal socket.  Installation is a breeze since it uses the same mounting holes as the original socket.  You can choose to mount it with a slide switch mounting screw, or leave the slide switch in place.  A small low-profile switch (sold separately) can be mounted into the slide switch cavity.  An LED can be installed inside using a TCSS heatsink can (sold separately).  The socket features our blade thumbscrew hole right where the Glass Eye normally sits.  Take a look at our other pages to pick up your own Glass Eye or Red Button Blade Thumbscrew.

Standard Version includes (1) black aluminum socket (made for Graflex flash guns and replicas) - 3/4 inch bore
Deluxe Version includes (1) black aluminum socket (made for Graflex flash guns and replicas), (1) black aluminum top lip piece, and (1) screw kit - 1 inch bore

Note: Graflex, LED, blade or TCSS can not included.


Need a retention screw?  Check out our Eye Thumbscrew or Button Thumbscrew

Looking for Brass Contacts or Brass Pins

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Graflex Blade Socket Adapter

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