• Graflex Red Button (BLEM)

This product is a BLEMISHED item.  Blemishes could include small scratches or plating issues.  Blemishes are very minor.  There is absolutely no refund or exchange for blemished items. 

Modeled directly from an original Graflex Red Button, this product is a functioning Replica Red Button (the non-blem thumbscrew version can be found here).  Fit and function is exactly like an original Red Button.  It can be customized to contain your own switch internals since it is easy to disassemble.

Available Options:
Original Threading 
- This option includes a bezel that has the exact same threading and fit of an original Graflex Button Bezel.

2.0 / Romans Threading - This option includes a bezel that has an alternative tighter threading that fits the 2.0 and Romans replicas out there.

These are Gen1 Profile with an overall plating issue.  The color is just a tad darker than the non-blemished product, and is hardly noticeable.  Note that the electrical contact washer and screw/rivet is not included with this version.


There are no refunds for blemished products.

Recommended:  Red Button Thumbscrew and Eye Thumbscrew, or Replica Glass Eye

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Graflex Red Button (BLEM)

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