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This listing is for our plating service.  We can plate just about anything, or strip and re-plate just about anything.  In some cases, we can even fill in holes or voids to help return the item back to its intended look and finish.

Since part plating prices vary based on material, size and quantity, our initial plating fee is $50 plus shipping.  The actual finished price will vary based on the product shipped to us.  You will need to ship the items to our address (contact us), and pay for both the shipping to TGS and from TGS back to you.  The initial fee and shipping will be charged now, and we may require the collection of additional funds based on the actual plating costs.  We can communicate with you through the process to get a better feel for the exact costs.

Use our experienced plating services to get your vintage or your replica back to vintage quality!

Disclaimer:  Please note that The Graflex Shop is not responsible for lost or damaged items.  We and our plater take our customer's items very seriously.  However, in the event that a part is lost or damaged, you agree that The Graflex Shop will not be held responsible.  We also cannot guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome of the finish.  We will do our best to get done what you expect, but there are cases where things just may not turn out the way you want it.  Please understand the risks associated with re-plating.

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Plating Service

  • $50.00

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