• Graflex Clamp (Gen1.5 BLEM)

Graflex Replica Clamp BLEMISHED.  This is the full clamp (band, bars, lever, washer, screw + plate).  This product is blemished, and may contain issues in plating, stamping and/or scratches.  Most of these are STAMPED with GRAFLEX writing.  However, there are a small number of BLANK (no writing) Clamp Bands left.  Stamping selection is random.

There is absolutely no refund available for this item.

IN STOCK - These are Gen1 and have some blemishes.  Most have a bright chrome finish, but can be easily dulled with a red scotch brite.  Take advantage of us off-loading our Gen1 Clamps!  :)

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Graflex Clamp (Gen1.5 BLEM)

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